Freshdesk API: 429 Too many request

Hi, we are integrating with Freshdesk and we are getting 429 Error even tho we didn’t exceed the limit in our plan.

Could you please assist? it’s blocking our testing of Freshdesk.

Response headers (using Postman):

      'x-ratelimit-total': '50',
      'x-ratelimit-remaining': '46',
      'x-ratelimit-used-currentrequest': '1',


2022-11-22T13:48:32.702883571Z   message: "Error in Freshdesk's client API",
2022-11-22T13:48:32.702903171Z   data: ''",
2022-11-22T13:48:32.702907701Z   status: 429,

This seems like a problem that’s account specific, @Nour_Khanjar

I’ve put you in touch with the Freshdesk team to discuss details over email. Do let us know what you learn.

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@Nour_Khanjar - Could you please put the solution w. FD support in here aswell once resolved?

We experience this 429 error aswell from time to time, although FD onboarding team once said, we’ll never hit the limits with our plan.
So when you now report similar issues, maybe there’s a general problem behind.


@Nour_Khanjar & @ThomasH

Have got the same error, does your app produces any logs when installed?

Yes mine does. At least in general - Or do you mean specific to this 429?

I get this 429 in UI apps aswell. It may be due to API limit reached, but I did not have the time to investigate a bit more on that (so for example to log response header aswell, where remaining API calls are sent).

I am just curious on @Nour’s solution, as it may affect us aswell.
If not, I have to go deeper in my apps.


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@ThomasH @Albin I am still talking with the support, I will post the solution here.


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As an investigation is carried out, Freshworks systems didn’t record any 429 errors to move forward and find the issue details. The dates when the developer reported these errors were older than 30 days, after which Freshworks doesn’t store any logs.

The Support team waited to hear back for recent reproductions of the same issue but hasn’t seen a response to act further.