FreshDesk API bulk_update => due_by

Hey everyone!

I trying to send bulk_update to Freshdesk API to update multiple tickets due_date by sending the below code as a POST request

POST: api/v2/tickets/bulk_update

{"bulk_action": {
    "ids": [3,4,2],

but getting this error:

    "description": "Validation failed",
    "errors": [
            "field": "fr_due_by",
            "message": "It cannot be set, when the status of the ticket doesn't have sla timer on",
            "code": "incompatible_field"

can someone please tell me how to send the right date with this request?

Nasir Haidari

API docs say the field fr_due_by field should be a date-time. So, ideally, it should have the equivalent of Date.prototype.toISOString().

The error message is confusing too. I tried going to Admin → Ticket Fields → Status and turning on the “SLA Timer” field, but I still get the same error.

Hey @kaustavdm !
Thanks for the quick response! The data is already type of the String. I resolve the problem by enabling the SLA-timer in FreshDesk Admin panel => Ticket-fields => Status => enabling the SLA-timer radio-button and after that the problem was solved.

Nasir Haidari


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