Freshdesk API not always sending result

When calling the Freshdesk API I noticed inconsistent behavior in the response.

The URL I called was:"email:''"

I received a valid response but the JSON indicated that the total results was 0.
The HTTP request was executed by some C# code and works for other calls.

In this case it is executed specifically for data migration between Freshdesk accounts and the same lookup (with different email values of course) gives us a Contact result.

I log the exact HTTP request to a logfile. That is why I copied the URL to my browser to test it again, and it actually returned a Contact result!

Then, I ran the exact same C# code and the same request now also returned a Contact result…

Can anyone tell me what is going on here? Can it be the case that the API is having issues? Is the API inconsistent in it’s behavior?

It would make sense if the same URL always gave the same response but this I cannot explain.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Good Day!, Welcome to the community :slight_smile:
can you please give us more context about the error, like sharing the logs (C#) and code snippet and the HRA logs of the browser (which you tried via browser)

so that we will get in touch with the product team for the same :slight_smile:


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Overall, I can understand that when browser makes the API request you get a response (200) with contact details but if same request is made programatically (C#) here get 200 response but with no contact details.

Was this one time or you can reproduce it @j.couwenberg ?