Freshdesk App Developer Wanted

Hi all,

Looking for someone to make a really simple custom Freshdesk app for me to:

  • Show order information alongside the ticket, when the order number field has a value
  • Show product information alongside the ticket, when the product id field has a value

The information will be view-only, along with an external link to open the order/product system in a new tab.

With regard to extracting the data from our system, we will provide a basic JSON endpoint for this. It will include all the information you need and can be modified easily to include all the data required by the app in a single request.

Please DM here if interested, along with either an example of previous work or a link to your website/profile. Please also include hourly rate.


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Hi @baz,

Customer Success Manager for your Freshdesk account can be contacted to link you with an SI partner who can build Marketplace apps for you. They can make a skill-based routing among the SI partners to match with your use-case.

If you haven’t been assigned a Customer Success Manager yet, you could contact Freshdesk support at with details.

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Hi Raviraj,

Just wanting a custom app for our own use, not a marketplace app. I think this is something a freelancer could knock up in a number of hours.


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Sure, that’s also possible with the SI partners if you would like to.

It’s up to you to go ahead with any option whichever is easier. The route I posted could be a last resort. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Raviraj, I’ve contacted our customer success rep and will see what they come up with.

In the meantime, any freelancers wanting to make a bit of extra coin, please hit me up with a DM!