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I’ve created an app that starts from the system tray. It is built using the v9 FDK. The issue I’m encountering is that it works a few times, and then it stops working. When I click the button, nothing happens. My guess is that there should be some kind of graceful exit for the app that I haven’t mastered yet, something that cleans the cache or performs a similar action.

I’ve looked around for demo apps and such, but I cannot find anything about exiting the actual application. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Hello @Octopus

Can you please share some screenshots of the app and details on how does it get triggered?

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function onAppDeactiveHandler() {
client.interface.trigger(‘showNotify’, { type: ‘success’, message: deactivated })“App is deactivated”);

The app it self is ran in a dialog, that starts from a top navigation button, and what I am looking for is a way to restore all values to “null” when the app is deactivated. But every time I close the dialog. It closes but I can not find the trigger. The dialog is closed with the X upp in the corner.

There must be a way that I am missing to catch that X button action.

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