Freshdesk CLI methods for Integrated Freshchat

Hey Team,
In my Freshdesk account, I have enabled inbuild integration of Freshchat.

I have created custom app in Freshdesk for Global sidebar location,In which I have used many provided methods from Freshdesk CLI(APP SDK).

Now, For certain use-cases I want to use those methods like navigate to contact details page for specific event of integrated Freshchat environment.

Is there any way, Through which I can trigger such methods from my custom app for events happening inside the Freshchat integration?

Is there any Iframe available of Freshchat, Which gives similar functionality like the inbuild integrated Freshchat, So then I can just place it in my custom app.


Hi @Harsh_Suchak ,

I understand you are trying to use Freshchat events from the integrated environment to to invoke custom app methods. Kindly refer Tracking Custom Events document for further details on same.


Hi @Harsh_Suchak,

Hope you are doing well. Were you able to resolve the query using the suggested solution? If resolved then I shall close the ticket.


Closing the ticket due to inactivity on this thread.