Freshdesk contact's last activity

Hello all!

I have to develop a custom app that anonymises a contact when he has not been active for a certain amount of time (e.g : 3 years). I have found an app (GDPR assistant) that can track a contact’s last activity and delete inactive ones after a given time. But what I need is just to rename the contacts, not to delete them.

If this app exists, then it is possible to get a contact’s last activity, so how can I do so?


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I think that just ”renaming” contact isnt enough. Conversations back and forth through tickets (description and replies) are full of contact details and Freshdesk (as far as I know) do not support modifying ticket replies from API.

So, just rename the contact only is like doing 20% of the case.

Zendesk do have this feature called Ticket Redaction.

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