Freshdesk createTicket with phone recording attachment

I want to create a Freshdesk ticket (using the API) in response to a recorded phone call. How can I attach the recording itself so that it can be played directly within the Freshdesk UI?

I’ve tried to send the recording as a WAV or MP3 attachment. The attachments are shown but lack any embedded playback functionality:

What I want is the “play” button that is available for phone call tickets when created by Freshcaller. See here: (I am not allowed to post more than one image)

How can I create such phone call tickets using the Freshdesk API?

Hi @jampy,

Can you try it with audio tag (HTML audio tag). In request body, you can do it like below
<audio controls><source src="file.mp3">recording</audio>

let me know if it works

I can use the <audio> tag (which is in fact being displayed), but there is no way to know the URL to the attachment download.

I tried using the same filename as the attachment (src=“recording100.wav”) but the whole “src” attribute seems be removed by Freshdesk.

Hi @jampy,

Welcome to the community! :tada:

At the moment, there’s no way available to achieve the play button for the audio attachments via API.

@Dineshkumar_Ravichan For security concerns, the src attribute will be removed by Freshdesk.

Hi @Raviraj,

I have some queries about this. I have sent a direct message to you.

okay, that’s very unfortunate

currently, the src attribute is not removed for external (absolute) URLs. Are you telling me that you are about to change that behaviour?

I was just confirming what you have mentioned to justify the reason.

It is not changing how the audio tag works already.