Freshdesk custom app with autocompletion feature based on api

Hello all!

The issue is about a custom app I am developing on freshdesk.
My helpdesk has a company custom field named “client code”. It is a six digit number.
Upon creating a ticket, the agents have to type a “client code” into a search field. Then the apps shows all of the contacts whose company is the one (or those) corresponding to the “client code” number typed. I need to provide the autocompletion after typing 3 digits of the 6. So I need to do a lot of api calls, which is forbidden


For now, the autocompletion is activated after typing not 3 but 5 digits. But we this feature to begin at 3 digits. So I must either have a list of all possible values of “client code” or have to bypass the limit of 400 api calls per minute.

What is the best approach to this problem?

Thank you

Hello @Andonirina

Did you consider storing the API results (caching) using client.db? You can also set a TTL on how long the results should stay in the cache.

Let me know if this idea sounds valid



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