Freshdesk custom app with external event

Hello everyone,

I have a client who uses freshdesk and an external chat application called targetfirst(
They need to receive notification on freshdesk when a new chat arrives in targetfirst.
So I need to create a custom app that listens to external events (new chat has arrived on targetfirst)

Knowing that I work with the dev team of targetfirst, to achieve this, could you guide us on :

  • what does the dev team at targetfirst needs to do/build at their side?
  • what do I need to do (freshdesk side)?

PS : I already read the documentation but I did not fully understand what needs to be done at both side. If targetfirst needs to build a webhook, in what format should it be?etc
I actually need a more explained highlights/roadmap


Thanks for asking @Andonirina

The Freshworks Custom App has External Events which you may have read in the documentation. This feature allows the app to invoke a javascript function when a webhook (I’m assuming you are familiar with the concept of webhooks) is invoked.

Now, webhooks is simply an URL that Targetfirst needs to POST when a new chat arrives. The POST information will be passed as an argument to the javascript function invoked when new chat arrives. This mechanism will allow you to write code that performs business logic.

According to what I read, you want to show a notification in Freshdesk UI when the chat arrives in Targetfirst. This is not easily possible today because the javascript function invoked will be in server.js (serverless runtime) while the interface API exists in the app.js frontend. So Freshworks platform doesn’t have a way to invoke interface API which is responsible for pushing notifications.

Instead, DB is the only one that can commonly be accessed by both frontend and backend. So you may have implemented a timer workaround in frontend to consistently poll DB (if a chat is arrived) If yes, show a notification.

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