Freshdesk Custom object and API

Hello members,

I would like to get the details from the custom object in freshdesk and update the same detail in the ticket field when the ticket is created.

Could you please help me if this is possible? I know we can get the info of a custom object and update a ticket (using API and other method via workflow)

But I’m not finding a way to achieve this, retrieving an info from the Custom Object and updating it in the ticket field when a ticket is created.

Thanks in advance for your help

Hey @Johnsonjonah,

could you please clarify the usecase a bit more detailled.

So there is a ticket created, which you want to link a custom object entry to?
Like an e-com scenario where you have an order the ticket is related to?

And you now want to link that custom object row/entry to that specific ticket?
Or what exactly is your usecase?


Hello @ThomasH

Thank you for your response. Yes exactly that’s the case. We would like to use the custom object records and update it in the ticket fields during the ticket creation.

For example: we have a custom object which contains three or four fields, named as Code, Name, Reference

We added the Custom object field as a lookup field in the creation of the ticket, so that the customer can enter the reference number while creating a ticket.

Once the ticket is created, the selected reference number is displayed at the right section of the ticket page with the other attributes such as name, code etc.

We would like the name and code of the selected reference to be pushed in the custom fields of the ticket.

I hope this explains our requirement. Or please do let me know if you need more information.

Is this possible in Freshdesk?

Thanks in advance. If you are available we can discuss this over a call.

Have a nice day.

Johnson Jonah


thank you for your clarification.

Can you explain, why you want to have those custom object fields mirrored to the ticket as ticket fields?
If you have successfully connected the ticket with the custom object (or your customer did), why would you have these infos on the ticket itself aswell?

I mean, that exactly this is not necessary is one of the big advantages of custom objects.

To your question - Yes, it is definitely possible, but I don’t know if possible without coding.
So I’d do an app, which is triggered on ticket creation, reads the information of the custom object entries via API and updates tickets fields via API.

There may be an option with automations by doing a webhook automation and use custom object informations there.

@Freddy - Do you know if you can use specific custom object fields to fill the body of a webhook automation?



Thank you for your response. Yes I do agree that it is possible and it is our client’s requirement for the details to be updated in the ticket field as well.

The webhook automation is not powerful enough in freshdesk to achieve this. I think we should create a customized app to achieve this.

Thanks for your tips.

Have a nice day:)

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