Freshdesk Full page app can't able to get query params from the URL

Need to get query param values from full-page app URL.

Ex : From URL -> Get params { key:"test1", value:"test2" }

Methods tried so far:

  • new URLSearchParams(;
    This returns {}

  • window.parent.location since the app renders inside an iframe


But when trying it on the browser console, I could able to get the iframe URL and query params

What I am trying to achive?

I am trying to navigate from Freshchat to Freshdesk full-page app when a button is clicked on Freshchat sidebar, which will pass some information in the query params.

Please help me with this or suggest a suitable approach to accomplish this.
Thanks in advance.

it is not possible to get the query string values of URL in your app, since it is sandboxed (due to security constraints), and not possible to share the data between apps on the platform,
one way I can think of is to use any external database such as firebase to get the data b/w apps
another way is implementing the middleware to cache the record of one app and retrieve it in another app.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


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Thanks for your quick response and suggestion @Santhosh.

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