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Wondering if someone could give me a pointer of what I am missing. The first screen grab is a input field that “pops out” and all the dates can bee seen. (not crayon)

The second one is directly from Crayons page, but I can not get them to “pop out” of the app box boundaries.

Any tip?

Hi @Octopus ,

Can you please the code snippet using which you are seeing this issue. It would help us to debug better.


Hello @Shravan_K,

The first one is…

      <label>Date & Time</label>
      <input type="datetime-local" id="schedule-time" class="form-control" >

Second one is a direct copy from Crayon site. (wanted to test them all)

<fw-label value="Single date picker" color="yellow"></fw-label><br/>
<fw-datepicker value="2021-12-02" display-format="DD-MM-YYYY"></fw-datepicker>
<fw-label value="A date range picker" color="yellow"></fw-label><br/>
<fw-label value="Date picker with readonly attribute" color="yellow"></fw-label
><br />
<fw-datepicker readonly></fw-datepicker>
  value="Date picker with show-footer and clear-input attributes"
><br />
<fw-datepicker show-footer="false" clear-input></fw-datepicker>
<fw-label value="Date picker with locale" color="yellow"></fw-label><br />
<fw-datepicker locale="fr"></fw-datepicker>

Made a new app, added the fileds, same issue.
I do think Im missing something, but can not understand what. (32.2 KB)

Hi @Octopus .

Tried with the app shared by running index.html locally, but couldn’t reproduce the issue shared.

Can you please let us know how the accordion is rendered ? , as I couldn’t find it in index.html where fw-datepicker us rendered.

Please find the attached screenshot for reference when index.html is ran on local machine.

Hello @Shravan_K

Do not know if I understand the question. The app is running in ticket sidebar view.
When I press the schedule icon the schedule does not “pop out” of the app box boundaries.

I tried the same as you, running the index.html directly in a web browser and that works fine as you said.
Again, I’m probably missing something simple that I can’t figure out.

Hi @Octopus

We were able to replicate the issue based on your previous message ( The app is running in ticket sidebar view gave us some hints!). We will release fix for this in upcoming release and keep you posted!. Thank you!

Shravan Kashyap

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Awesome @Shravan_K !

Any idea on when it will be updated, are we talking minutes or years?

Thank you,

Hi @Octopus, We have released a new version of crayons ( @freshworks/crayons@3.6.0-beta.0) with includes fix for the issue raised!.

Could you please check and let us know if this solves for you.

Shravan Kashyap

Hello @Shravan_K ,

I’ve tested, but still have the same issue. I’ll attach a screenshot of a dummy app, also with the index.html content. Just to make sure, I’ve tested it in the right way.

When the schedule button is pressed (red arrow) the schedule it self still is stuck within the app boundaries.

Thank you for your patience!

Hi @Octopus , Apologies for the delayed response.

The issue is because the widget is being rendered as an iframe and the popup is not showing up outside due of that. We are internally checking with the respective teams to see if we can find a solve/ workaround for this. Will keep you posted for any updates.

Thank you.

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