Freshdesk integrations with other systems


We use Freshdesk to support 100 different companies out there and it works fine. Now we are looking at integration with 10 of these companies. We cannot give our API key - since an API key is agent-based and not customer-based. We have been looking at serverless apps to send information back and forth without giving out any API keys.

This will probably work with company 1 down the line it will be a hassel to keep the apps in check. So, my wonder is if it is possible to export (continuously) the entire stack of tickets to an SQL database. From this we can hook up customers system such as Freshservices for instance.

What say you would be the best course of action?
The customers must not be able to “see” eachother.


Hola @Octopus,

  • Is this a single Freshdesk instance where you provide support to multiple companies?
  • Are these integrations supposed to be with some external software hosted by/for your customer companies?
  • Can you give us some idea on what these integrations are supposed to do?

Taking a rather wild guess here: This can be done in two ways, both of which will require you to have an external server. Assuming you have created & hosted an external API that performs CRUD on a SQL database:

  1. You can create a serverless app that uses onTicketCreate, onTicketUpdate, and onConversationCreate Product Events and sends the data to your external hosted API.
  2. You can have your external API periodically poll the Freshdesk REST API for Tickets and process the data.

Then, you can build additional logic into your external API, including any RBAC etc that you’d need for your clients.

I am a bit unclear on what you mean by hooking up customer systems for Freshservice, but I assume your API can call the relevant Freshservice REST API using any customer-level routing that you need.