Freshdesk - Mercado Libre Integration

Hi. I’ve taken a look at the APIs and I have a first set of several questions about this, please let me know whom shall I discuss this with:

  • I don’t see in the API docs how to create the app configuration workflow, including API key management and account creation

  • What are the valid types for a new ticket?

  • When creating a ticket, how can I set a custom source?

  • Can we add context on the ticket sidebar? How?

  • Can we set some sort of ticket_external_id or should we created a custom field for that? If the latter, can we do that on the app installation process? How?

  • How and where do we defined a webhook to process ticket responses?

  • How can we update a ticket with a new message in the same conversation?

  • Can we block a ticket for further updates without setting the status to Closed? How?

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