Freshdesk Messaging fdk issues


I faced many inconvenient bugs when developing an application for Freshdesk Messaging (Freshchat).
At first, the“conversation”) event does not return the most updated version of the conversation, if the conversation was manually assigned to another group or agent, the object does not return these updates, apparently this method only gets the version of the conversation object available when the tool page was loaded, this forces me to fetch the information by API, which can be a problem in the future if the use of the tool exceeds the request limit.

Besides that, intercepting the resolution event with conversation.onResolveClick, either to conclude it with event.helper.done() or to cancel it with‘errorMessage’), is only possible if the button resolution has not been disabled with client.interface.trigger(“disable”, {id: “resolveConversation”}), which is not clear as the documentation suggests that events that disable screen elements have only a visual effect, this information is not in the documentation and it would be important that it be added.

Also, the method “Show Notifications” just doesn’t work, even copying exactly the example that appears in the documentation, the notification shows only “object Object”.

And the most inconvenient bug, which actually is present in application development on any platform (Freshdesk, Freshchat etc). Any syntax errors present in serverless events are not indicated, they just make the event calls print"Undefined". Any error causes this and it is necessary to search the entire code for any possible errors as some of the errors that cause this behavior are not indicated as errors by most code editors. This issue was not present in previous versions of fdk and was introduced in newer versions.

These problems slow down development and make new developers who have never met them waste a lot of time, it would be very important to fix them.


@Matheus_Nunes Thank you for an eloquent feedback. You have listed major DX gaps in app development experience on the Freshworks platform. We will bring these up with our engineering teams and product managers to prioritise and solve these.

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We partly know friction points directly or indirectly when we try answering some of the questions on the forum. Yet, we are challenged to bring the deserved attention to offer the right experience.

While you did spend effort building an app on the platform, you had an option:

  1. To ignore the experience
  2. Scream out, pointing at all the not-so-good parts
  3. Share candid feedback to help us back developer experience

Sincerely appreciate you taking option #3.

Although things might not move as quickly, we can ensure to take all the steps needed in our control.

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Well, this may be related to these bugs I reported more than one year ago, about iparams changes not being reflected in the app and wrong data conversation payload returned when using data methods in certain scenarios:

It’s very inconvenient bugs Indeed and some of them are very serious to not being brought to the team attention yet in my opinion.


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