Freshdesk OpenApi JSON specification


Is there any OpenApi specification available, so that we can generate a C# client automatically?


Hi @andrea.veglia,
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We don’t have the OpenAPI specification but you can refer to this Github for C# code

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Hello @Santhosh,

Thank you for the answer.

Do you know of any plans to create OpenApi for the future? In my opinion they could be very useful for using the REST API.


Hello @andrea.veglia

An OpenAPI specification is a very legitimate ask indeed. We do have plans to create this, but as you can imagine, this needs some effort because some of the APIs have been around for a long time, and might need a version bump to be transferable neatly to an Open API spec.

Thank you for the feedback and the patience.


Hello @satwik ,

That’s a good news you plan to expose these definitions. It would even help if not exhaustive.

As mentioned here (in Single Source of truth ), you already have something for internal use, so publishing the definition with the next API (with a “partial” warning) release would help the community.

Thanks for the great work you do.