Freshdesk Product Event Timeout

Hi Team,

In Freshdesk Product Event, the callback function executed as expected on the development stimulation mode. But if we tried after publishing as the custom app. We couldn’t find any error/log for the same.

Shall we connect on the call to explain the use case & debug the issue @Communiteq ?


Is there any update regarding this timeout error?

Hi @Anish,

The product events have 20 seconds timeout. Are you facing an issue with the timeout or the product event is not triggered at all? Could you show the code and logs relevant to this debugging from your end?

Please do not tag the Communiteq user account for any queries. This account is not from our community management team.

Hi @Raviraj ,

We have optimized the code and found the fix for our case,
As of now can you please provide a solution for increasing the timeout from 20 secs for any other complex functions in the future?

Sure @Raviraj I won’t tag Communiteq further.

@Anish The product event timeout of 20 seconds is not flexible. So, optimizing the functions to execute within 20 seconds would be the solution.

If you need or want to discuss any other workaround, please book a slot on our Office Hours calendar to discuss them with our team.


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