Freshdesk - Request API - Issues with variables

Hello :slight_smile:

Trying out the “new” request template - got it working after a tad of testing.
I have an issue with getting the variables in the body - hopping someone could easy spot my misstake.

This is the body for a Note in Freshdesk on a specifik Ticket.

Works. without variable
body: JSON.stringify({“body”:“Agent has pressed the button.”,“incoming”: false})

Does not work
body: JSON.stringify({“body”:“${agent_name} has pressed the button.”,“incoming”: false})

The variable ${agent_name} works verified via a alertbox, but not sent like this in the body in a request.

Hi @Octopus,

The variable in JavaScript will not work in double quotes string. Template string must be used to insert variables in the string dynamically.

Could you change it to a template string like the following code?

body: JSON.stringify({“body”:`${agent_name} has pressed the button.`,“incoming”: false})
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That tells me, coding at night is not a good idea, missed that. - Thank you!

@Raviraj, may I ask if you know if there are any Request template that shows how to catch the respons of an api call using the Request method v9 and above.

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