Freshdesk - Ticket creation and response - without sending emails

Hello guys, I have the following use case:

I’m doing an integration with a 3rd party app. Here’s the usecase:

  1. User reachs out the 3rd party by creating a text message there. So a ticket is created on Freshdesk.
  2. The agent replys on Freskdesk. This answer goes to the 3rdp party app.
  3. If user replies again on 3rdp party app, a reply is created on Freshdeks ticket, and so on…

Since this integration is by API, makes no sense to notify the user on his email.
So, is there a way to create a ticket on Freshdesk by API and not trigger an email on ticket creation or agent replies?

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You can disable the requester email notifications for new ticket creation and agent replies. But the downside is this will stop all emails.


@Marllon_Mainardes There’s no API available to disable the user notifications.

All the user notifications can be disabled in the Admin > Email Notifications as @yusrakhatri mentioned.

@yusrakhatri and @Raviraj thanks for the feedback, but it doesn’t work for me, as I would only need it for integration, for the other service channels the operation cannot be stopped!
I got around the situation with the private note, but it’s not very elegant!

@Marllon_Mainardes I sense that you would like to use public notes or replies over private notes for this integration and still want to restrict the user email notifications only for the public notes/replies added by the integration.

Would your request more of a API parameter to avoid this user notification during the addition or any configuration in the Freshdesk portal will also be fine?
I could pass this specific feedback to the Freshdesk product team to analyze it further.


Yes @Raviraj , this parameter in the api would solve it, I have two integrations that involve this same requirement, so if I could only inform api /reply that it is not to trigger email it would already be resolved.

Thank you very much for your return.

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I actually have the need for a similar use case. We need to import data without sending email notifications. Is the API parameter already available?

@j.couwenberg No, it’s not available yet.

Hey Community,

any news on this?
We aswell implemented a 3rd party app, where requester put in their request, ticket is created via API in Freshdesk and agents do their answers/replies in Freshdesk.
But, these replies should NOT go to the requester per email, but are fetched by the 3rd party app instead.

So is there a way to prevent the email to be sent, when the agent clicks on reply?