Freshmarketer - Trigger Transactional Email

hi @community-bot team,

I have importing this curl to trigger the transactional email. But it ended up with 403 Forbidden error.
i think am lossing on this auth token. i have been using freshwork crm apikey for this and its not working.
if this was the issue where i should get this auth-token ?

help me out…!

curl -X POST


-H "auth-token: uui1tsmoao924im5n0i1f3rm7q37547flbvomggj"

-H "accept: application/json"

-H "Content-Type: application/json" -d


"id": ["3970a1b0-6e27-448a-adfc-0083db15b2fb",](

"tokens": {

"design_token1": "Hi",

"design_token2": "Hello",

"design_token3": "World",

"subject_token1": "XYZ"


"recipient": ""


Hey @Raghul_Kumar

According to Freshworks CRM | Refreshingly new CRM & Deal Management Software, the auth header should be in this format

curl -H "Authorization: Token token=sfg999666t673t7t82" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X GET

Can you try this way of sending auth header and let me know?


hi @shravan.balasubraman, am not looking for this…

my question is about, where to get the api key for transaction email.

Then i found the solution for this and you can get it from here (

thank you.

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