Freshsales API - owner_ID Validation change

Did anyone else’s integration break today because of an un-announced API change that means owner_id = 0 will mean the call is rejected , and you either have to leave out, or find a user’s ID in the URL of the dashboard user settings?

We wasted hours on this today - worked for over a year and then broke without warning.

Hi David,
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It will be helpful if you can mention the API for which the above-mentioned change is seen.

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I can understand how frustrating that could be. But the only way we can move forward is by bringing attention this issue deserves from the Freshsales API team.

Could please take moment to share with us which is the endpoint or the documentation that you saw this change in. Also, how were you able to identify the change when your app broke?

THERE HAS TO BE WARNING. And you are completely right.

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