Freshsales client.db.get and client.db.set is not working properly

Hi team,

As per the freshworks_crm SDK documentation, when we use the Key-Value data storage we are facing an 404 issue for “Route not allowed”.


Below are the code snippets used in our code for your reference:

await client.db.set(“accessTokenfromDB”, { “token”: “123123123” }, {ttl: 60})
const data_updated = await client.db.get(“accessTokenfromDB”);

We have used tried with and without ttl.

Can you please help us out here?



Welcome to the Freshworks developer community :tada:

I referred to our sample app here for reference - marketplace-sample-apps/Freshworks-Samples/App-Development-Features/Advanced-Features/data_storage/data_storage_ sample_demo/app/app.js at master · freshworks/marketplace-sample-apps · GitHub

and used the following code snippets in my sample.

client.db.set(‘accessTokenfromDB’, { token: ‘123123123’ })

I was able to get this to work with the above code snippet. If this does not work for you, we may need to see more of your code and setup to understand why you may be getting different results.

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