Freshservice account is not responding because of load testing?


I’ve created a Freshservice free trial account. And I’m trying to create 50 thousand tickets in that account. I’ve created nearly 14 thousand tickets. After that account is not responding and it’s giving the error page like:


We couldn’t find

Maybe this is still fresh!

You can claim it now at

Can someone help how to regain my account?


Hi @Parimala,

Although I am not sure what exactly might have caused it, but I guess there could be anti-spam algorithms that might have taken down your account. Can you help me with answers to some of the following questions to see if there’s anything I could help with;

  1. May I know the reason behind the need to create 50k tickets? Also, how do you create them? Do you use Freshservice REST APIs?
  2. If your organisation is a developer partner of freshworks, then free trial can be extended legitimately. Is that the case?
  3. Are you performing any Load testing scenarios to your app as part of app development process?
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@Parimala, Did your problem solve? Were you able to regain the access?