Freshservice API | Delete Ticket Attachments

Hi there,

I am looking for a way to remove ticket attachments.

I found this documentation: Service Desk API for Developers | Freshservice
Does this mean there is no way to delete ticket attachments via API?

I tried sending a DELETE to https://<myDomain><attachmentId>, which is what the web interface does on deletion, but It gives me 422 / no permission.

Is there anything I can do to delete ticket attachments from my Freshservice Plugin?


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For the followers of this thread,

We have found that there is a private API (non reliable for long term) that is available to accomplish what @Thomas_Schick has been looking for. Our team has shared the API details on a private message.

I’m trying to run the DELETE command to remove attachments from a specific ticket, I’m getting a 404 error both when trying to perform the action with a curl command and from postman. Any help would be appreciated.

Figured this out by trying to use the get attachment here, when I sent the get request, the reply said it had to be a DELETE. So I changed it to a delete and was able to delete the four attachments I was trying to delete.