Freshservice API PUT request

Hi everyone!
I try and send a PUT request to but getting as a response that Validation failed on description failed , message : It should not be blank as this is a mandatory filed.
as I know and see in API docs description is not mandatory in PUT request.
this request has worked before but now we getting error :frowning: #product-apis

@Nasir_Haidari ,

Can you please provide the body of payload you are sending?

@Nasir_Haidari , by default the description field is mandatory and requires a value, even on PUTs. I have made three workarounds;

  1. add “description”: “.” to the payload
  2. Set the field to not be mandatory
  3. Use Business Rules to set the description field to not be mandatory if ticket type = Service Request and/or Incident (give or take based on requirements in the account) if API:s are made by a “service account” agent then simply add it as a condition to the Business Rule to make the description non-mandatory.


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Thank for responding! The request error was caused because of settings inside the Freshservice environment and not the API reqeuset.


Thanks @alefre !
Nice to have it confirmed that there is nothing wrong with API request!