[Freshservice] Create Custom Fields on Asset Types Through API

Hi Freshservice Team,

We are currently building out several integrations using the Freshservice API. Part of our integration is the use of custom Asset Types. I noticed in the API docs that it is possible to create Asset Types using the API but unfortunately it is not possible to create Custom Fields on the Asset Types using the API, which to be honest makes the /api/v2/asset_types not very useful.

It would be great if the creation of custom fields on an asset types would be added to the API. We already have a support ticket open on this matter.

Thanks in advance,

Dennis Rietvink
Eurofiber Cloud Infra

Thanks for the request, Dennis. I have moved this ask to our list of feature requests.

Hi @kaustavdm , I just wanted to bring this topic back up.

We’re a customer of Freshservice and require this feature to be able to sync Google Cloud assets to Freshservice. Right now, creating asset types manually would take an excesive amount of time (as there are many asset types with many attributes in them), so we need to be able to create them programatically. Can you please provide an update on this requirement.

Thank you!

Hi @kaustavdm , any news on this request? We also need add custom fields to the asset types via API.

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