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Hi Team,

I have developed a FreshService public app which is being in the review stage by the Freshdesk team. Initially, I was able to install the app as a custom app and do the testing. But now I am not able to install the app in any Freshservice account.

The error I am getting is " There was an error during installation. If this issue persists, please contact support " with a few console errors.(PFB screenshot)

This error occurs randomly and sometimes I could install the app, but the majority of the times it ended with this error. Because of this, the Freshdesk QA team could not continue with their testing and my app submission is pending. Please help me here…


Could you please share HAR logs while installing the app? (generate HAR file)

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Sure @Anand_Chandran . Here it is
appInstallError.har (1.8 MB)

Hey @Gopi_Krishnan

We could see the renderData is errored in our backend logs. There seems to be a issue with the app install callback.

For app installation to reach completion, in the callback function definition, use the renderData() method without any arguments.
To disallow app installation if a mandatory action fails, use an error object as the argument - renderData({error-object}).

Also, attaching the doc link for detailed information


Hi @Anand_Chandran, thanks for pointing it out. I have checked this, the issue was with the renderData() method was not called by our code logic properly. I changed the logic and its working good now.

Thanks for your help.


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