Freshservice filtering on custom fields on tickets

Hi community.

I want to filter tickets on specific date / date range in freshservice.

The filtering is quite limited though.
When looking at the API documentation for Freshservice, the only way i see to filter on a date is using the:

The thing is, i have a custom timestamp field which i want to filter upon.

Freshdesk has something more useful but still not exactly what is needed:

Do you have anything in you pipeline to solve this?

Br Jonathan

Query may not work with custom fields of date type. We will move this topic to feedback category.

I double this request. We need an API endpoint for Freshservice similar to Freshdesk’s Filter Tickets API in order to obtain tickets before specific date.

/api/v2/tickets/filter will work with Freshservice too. However, it doesn’t support query on custom time fields.

Unfortunately, I can’t find such an endpoint /api/v2/tickets/filter neither in Freshdesk API documentation nor in Freshservice API documentation.

Could you please point me to it?
Is it a predefined filter/api/v2/tickets?filter=smth (screenshot for reference) or is it /api/v2/search/tickets?query=smth (link) mentioned above?

This is in an undocumented API and it will work similar to Freshdesk /api/v2/tickets/filter API.

Can you please specify which endpoint and an example on how to use it?

There is no endpoint to filter custom fields with date types. For filtering other fields, you can use /api/v2/tickets/filter?query= . For filtering tickets with due_date is greater than May 14, 2021, /api/v2/tickets/filter?query="(due_by:>'2020-05-14')" will work. Hope this helps. :freshservice: team is in process of documenting it.


I found a way to do it, thanks.

I have a timestamp number on a custom field which works with this: