Freshservice new serveless triggers

Hello everyone, do you have any predictions for new triggers to come out in freshservice’s serveless? freshdesk has evolved a lot with this and it seems to me that freshservice has been abandoned.

Hi Marllon,

Thanks for bringing this up. We have heard a similar sentiment from a few other developers and customers as well. You will see a few more serverless events for Freshservice getting enabled from upcoming quarters.

Given that, I would like to understand if you have any specific events on your mind that would enable you unlock more use cases. We could use this inputs during our internal conversations.

Harish J

I have a client who needs a more personalized integration of Freshdesk with Freshservice, but the origin
it will always be from Freshservice to Freshdesk.

So in this context what would help me events of:

  • Contact
  • Company
  • knowledge base

Thanks for the feedback Harish

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