Freshservice Occasional Agent API keys


Is it possible and/or what are the repercussions for using an occasional agent license and api key in freshservice for registering applications. Is this something that we can do? Or must the API keys to validate apps come from a Full-time Agent?

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Hi @Zach,

How is the API key validated during the app registration?
If you’re explicitly using a Freshservice API, which one are you using?

@Raviraj it would be for applications already published to the Freshworks marketplace. At installation most of these applications simply as for an API Key and or Freshservice Domain. So I am not sure how they are validated since I do not have access to the source code.

We do have a “systems” account that is using up an active full-time agent license so that we can designate that account’s api key for whenever we access the Freshservice API V2 to update Agent and Requester information. This is done through a scheduled task that runs nightly against or database of employee information.

Is it possible to use an occasional agent’s API key to process the same requirements of install marketplace apps, and running a scheduled task that uses the Freshservice API?

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Generally they are validated by making a simple API call and check we the response is 200 OK. To see how you can make this possibe, do also check on how you can make dynamic installation pages.

Justing inferring from this article, Occasional agent seem to have priviliges similar to Full time agent except the restriction via Day passes. Did you try checking this with Occasional Agent’s API key? Any learning that you can share with us?

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Hi @Saif,

I brought the question to our Customer Support Manager and was advised that we could use an occasional agent’s API key but that every time that app uses that api key it would activate a day pass for that agent. So in our environment this is not going to work. Apparently we are not the only ones who have brought up this concern. It is agreed that when we talk about “Do we feel we are getting our money’s worth from the platform” that this topic is at the top. Burning a full-time agent license for an api key is costly and could be tough decision for some companies to make. But… It is definitely on the radar of those at freshworks and we will see what becomes of it. Thanks for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated.