Freshservice REST API v1 deprecation notice - Update!

As per earlier communication, the Freshservice REST API v1 were planned to be deprecated on November 30, 2022. However, based on developer and customer demand, we have extended the deprecation timeline to May 31st, 2023. We request all developers using v1 endpoints of the Freshservice REST API to transition to the corresponding v2 endpoints before the deprecation date.

Please see the document on how API v1 endpoints map to API v2 endpoints to migrate existing applications.

We recommend that all new applications and integrations use the Freshservice REST API v2.

Who will this impact?

Any apps on the Freshworks Platform and any external applications or integrations that use v1 endpoints of the Freshservice REST API will be affected after the deprecation date.

If you face any trouble, please reach out to us by opening a topic in the developer forum or replying to this thread.


can we get user_id and ID for agents in V2?

Hey Lubert, You can get user_id. In API V2 ID of the agent refers to the user_id.
Refer to this link for more info.

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thank you for the quick response

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