Freshservice SLA API

Hi everyone, i’m currently working on a freshservice app and i need to get the info from the SLA policies in the platform, i’ve already read trough the documentation both the api/developer but i haven’t seen a way to get the SLA data. There is an SLA policies get request for freshdesk, is there something similar for freshservice or there’s no way i can’t get that data?

Thank you.

Pavel Echeveste

Hi @Pavel_ACL,

Welcome to the community and congratulations on your first post! :tada:

Freshservice does not have any public API available for SLA policies.

I will take it up as feedback and pass it to the product team. I will update in this thread upon receiving any update on the timelines.


Hi @Pavel_ACL,

Since last time we discussed this topic, Freshservice now seem to support List All SLAs API - Service Desk API for Developers | Freshservice