Freshservice Ticket Update API failing with 4xx

I have a use-case to only update the ticket description.
I make use of the Freshservice ticket update API to perform this action.

However, the response from the API says that validation is failing.

Note that I am not updating the category field. I’m only updating the description field and not touching any other ticket field.

How can I safely update only the ticket description without modifying any other ticket property?

cc: @Zach @Raviraj @kaustavdm @Santhosh

Hello @arunrajkumar235, take a look at what fields are required of your incident form. Is category a required field? Does the ticket already contain one of the mentioned values. When you interact with the API for updating a ticket you can pass a single field that needs changed but all other fields must already meet the form requirements.

You might also try bypassing the mandatory fields check that happens when “Updating” a ticket.

Hope that helps! Take care :slight_smile:

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