Freshworks CLI (FDK) now generates debug log file

Dear community,

I hope this finds you in good health and safety!

We now have added a new feature to your development toolkit. Freshworks CLI (FDK) now creates a log file on every app simulation run.

So far, Freshworks developers have been using node debug mode to look at logs. We understand it is even more painful to share the files across for any troubleshooting purposes.

Freshworks CLI now automatically generates a log file every time you simulate the app. Find the generated logs in the β€œ/log” directory in the app root directory.

Check out how the log file is generated and stored for an app run.


  1. The log file is not packed when submitting the app to Freshworks Marketplace.
  2. When Freshworks CLI is updated to version 6.12.0, an error in the terminal with the message β€œUnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: ReferenceError: logger is not defined” is thrown. You can ignore it as it was due to the log changes. It will not occur again after a restart of the FDK server.

The logs from the app could contain sensitive information. So, ignore this file from being pushed to your cloud repositories by adding the file path to the .gitignore file.

Update the Freshworks CLI (FDK) to the latest version to use this feature.