Freshworks client.db.get gives error on published app but working fine on local

client.db.get gives below output in app which I have published as a custom app but it working fine in http://localhost:10001/custom_configs.

Is there anyone who have any idea regarding this?

Good Day!
You can’t able to use DB in Iparams before the app installation.
The only API allowed is SMI and RequestAPI.

DB will be allowed only after the app is installed.

if it is working in your FDK, can you please share with us the FDK version which you are using (there might be a bug)?
or please update the FDK to the latest version.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:



@Santhosh Can I also make DB call on app update when the version is updated?. Because it gave the same error when I deployed the app with an updated version and update the app.

It will be available only on settings Edit, not on the app update, or generally, we advise not to use DB on settings.

Hope it helps

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