Freshworks crayons

Hi everyone,

I was trying to add a detailed text message in crayons toast message.In which I wanted to display my messages in new line.

For Example :“successfully triggered. I have worked on projects”. Here I want the line “I have worked on projects” to be displayed in a new line instead of showing it in same line. To do this I tried using “\n” which didn’t worked out.
I have shared some screen shots for reference.


It will be much helpful ,If anyone knows the solution for this. Thanks in advance

Can you try using the line break html element

Find the example below

import { ToastContainer, toast } from '@crayons/toast';

function MyComponent() {
  const handleClick = () => {
        successfully triggered.
        <br />
        I have worked on projects.

  return (
      <button onClick={handleClick}>Show Toast</button>
      <ToastContainer />

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