Freshworks CRM - CTI placeholder not working


Im trying to use the embeddable framework from genesys in the CTI placeholder. But the CTI placeholder seems to not be working properly. Is this feature still avaible ?

Im using the example manifest from CRM´s docs.

"freshworks_crm": {
  "location": {
    "left_nav_cti": {
      "url": "index.html",
      "icon": "styles/images/icon.svg"

Hi @Nicolas_Giannici

Welcome to the community forum :tada:

To start off with, for helping you debug this issue

  1. Are you testing the app locally(?dev=true) or by publishing it as a custom app?
  2. Can you share if you notice any error related to this in the browser console?
  3. Can you share the app zip or app id if published as a custom app? (How to obtain App ID from the Developer Portal? - Wiki - Freshworks Developer Community)

Thanks for your reply @Raghu_Murugesan.

I was testing it locally with (?dev=true). When i published it as custom app, the app replaced freshcaller in the CTI placeholder.