📍 Freshworks Developers Bulletin - December 2020

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Huddle Highlights✨

On December 3, 2020, we hosted our last developer portal Huddle for 2020. It was great to see our developer community turn up once again to learn and grow together. Check out this keynote from Satwik Hebbar, Director of Marketplace Engineering.

Missed any of the sessions from the Huddle? Here are the session recordings:

Here is the Pop Quiz of the Month🤫

Why did everyone ignore the C programmer at the Christmas party?

Feature Updates🌴

Custom Objects EAP

With Custom Objects in Freshdesk, you can build entities for specific business requirements.

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Full-Page App

We’ve added support for full-page app placeholders and new product events in Freshteam.

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Story of the month🦋

Read how Freshworks leveraged a new Rails serializer to build efficient caching and deployment strategies.

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Change is good🤓

The cti.triggerDialer event method has been added to Freshdesk.

Three new interface methods have been added for the Forward and ReplyTo editor windows in Freshservice.

Oh, are you still scratching your head for that answer?

Everyone ignored the C programmer at the Christmas party because the C programmer had no class!:joy:

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