Freshworks <> Hacktoberfest 2022

Hacktober is here! And there’s a lot you can contribute to the Freshworks developer community :rocket:

Hacktoberfest is a month-long event that encourages developers everyone to contribute to open-source projects they love, enjoy, and rely on. On successful contributions by getting at least 4 PRs merged, DigitalOcean delivers a token of appreciation with swags.

During this Hacktoberfest, let us appreciate this opportunity to build and level up the learning experience over github code repositories that handheld many experienced and new developers here to understand and build apps on the Freshworks developer platform, which continues to do so.

Here is how you can participate in Hacktoberfest and start contributing to the sample apps.

Start Hacking, today!

  1. Go to and initiate to connect your GitHub account, be sure to read the quality guidelines
  2. Pick an issue from the Hacktoberfest 2022 project board in the Freshworks Developer GitHub organization, or feel free to create new issues by following the issue templates for any missing things.
  3. After addressing the assigned issue, raise a PR following the templates and tag the specific issue.

Issues with status open in the board are un-assigned and ready to take up for contributions and to avoid work conflicts and duplication, comment on the issue you want to work on to get it assigned to yourself.


  • Let’s use stick with GitHub Issue comments for any discussion related to the issues on the Hacktoberfest board
  • Anything else? We welcome you to create topics here with tag “hacktoberfest”

For any questions related to Hacktoberfest and getting started, feel free to comment on this topic for clarification


Maybe it’s your first time or nth time to open source contributions, please be sure to check out and follow the Contributions guidelines and Code of Conduct, this helps you to understand how we expect you to be a responsible and valuable contributor

Keep committing, we are excited to merge your PRs :tada:


We had an OSS-ome Hacktoberfest thanks to everyone who contributed, with a total of 60 activities against our open source projects! :tada:

Check out our issue tracker for the festival here.

A total of 14 PRs were created, mostly against our popular Freshworks Developer repositories.

A big shout out to our top contributors - @harishk and @ajithr! :loudspeaker:

We unfortunately kickstarted this only midway into October, but are buoyed by the participation and encouragement we received. Next time, we will aspire to be ready for Hacktoberfest well before Oct 1! Thank you for inspiring us :heart_hands:


Thank you team for running this. I would’ve loved tackling some of the code related issues (will probably get to them irrespective of Hacktoberfest) but didn’t realize how much I loved writing READMEs until now!

Cheers to others who contributed too!


Thank you so much I really feel great to see myself among the top contributors, I don’t think it would have been possible to achieve the Top contributors without each and every one of your efforts!
Special Thanks to @tejakummarikuntla @zach_jones_noel


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