Full Page App not working on Freshcrm

I have created full page App its visible in the Freshsales account, I have used the below code but on App activation console is not working, Onclick not working also not able to get loggedInUser data. App ID - 46689 Published and checked this even though it’s not working

   <fw-button color="secondary" class="button btn-open" id="btnnew">

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function () {
  app.initialized().then(function (client) {
 window.client = client;
 client.events.on("app.activated", onAppActivate);

function onAppActivate() {
  var attendance = document.getElementById('btnnew');
  client.data.get("loggedInUser").then (
      function(data) {
  attendance.addEventListener('click', openModal);

function openModal() {

@franklin - It does not work. It should be Freshsales to take the blame here to have local app development unsupported. It is a highly base expectation for any developer. Our team has notified Freshsales Suite’s team in our best capacity. The only recommendation I have is to invite you to create a support ticket with crm-support@freshworks.com

Unfortunately, developers building on full-page usually build UI locally like any HTML page or try to build in the contact details page, etc., then hope to publish as a custom app (with full page placeholder) to test the app during development.


I have published my app, I am able to view the UI in Freshsales but not able to do call any functions on that like onclick getting loggedinuser data it’s not working

  app.initialized().then(function getClient(_client) {
    client = _client;
    client.events.on('app.activated', function onActivate() {
      console.info('App is Activated');
  }, errorLogger);

This should show value in console App is Activated but its not working

@franklin - Can you share the app zip file with code just abundant for us to reproduce the issue?

Hi @franklin

I was able to fetch get the loggedInUser information.

Here is the code that I’ve tried:
Pokemon (5.5 KB)


let willNotGetInvoked = function(){..}
await client.events.on("app.activated", willNotGetInvoked)

The attached willNotGetInvoked because:

The full_page_app location resides with Global Navigation Sidebar placeholder to which app doesn’t support it.

However the code will run when app is opened at await app.initialized(). However this is not the case with Freshdesk.

Would it be possible for you to let us know how app.activated can drive your problem statement to be solved so that we can request Freshsales Suite team?

Thanks for the update it’s working now, Can you please let me if the custom app is only for the web version or it will work in the Freshsales android app also.
I am not able to view the custom app in mobile app

It is only for web version and we are not yet supported with Mobile app.

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