Full Page React App Rendering

Hi Freshdesk,

I created an React frontend using “fdk create --products freshdesk --template your_first_react_app”, then I made the changes to render my components rather than the default one’s but not able to see the result.

What I can see is normal “h1” or “p” tags are rendered but not a app which is fetching data from socketio(server running at backend), and something inside of useEffect.

I have attached the screenshots to explain the same.

First 3 are the snippets of Login Component which I want to render but not happening.

Then just below is the component Hello.js which is just a demo component but it is being rendered.

And now below you can see the App.js file where they are being called.

Can anyone from @App-Platform-Squad help to identify what is going wrong here?

At a quick glance, assuming there is nothing else going wrong, the issue might be in line #34 in the second screenshot above.

  1. Calling window.location.hostname should point to the hostname from which the app is served, which would be our CDN. Assuming this websocket server is running on external infrastructure, consider using iparams to get the data from user at install time, or provide some URL.
  2. I think we block requests to non-standard ports.

Do you see any network error in the browser devtools/console?

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