Full text ticket search capability in APIs

The Freshdesk agent site allows searching for tickets given some text contained within the ticket fields.

Apparently the site loads this data from https://novasys.freshdesk.com/api/_/search/tickets - with other words, not a URL of the v2 API.

I could not find a V2 API method that would allow some kind of full text search. Filter Tickets does not seem appropriate (at least I don’t understand how to use it for such searches).

How can I do full text searches (subject, body, …) using the API?

I would be helpful if I could at least search by part of the subject - is that possible?

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Hi @jampy,

Thanks for being patient! Unfortunately, full-text search via Freshdesk API is not possible at the moment. As you rightly pointed out, Freshdesk internally uses those endpoints, however, they are not public yet (not included in V2). Filter ticket endpoints would be the closest solution at this point. I am moving this to the feedback category for wider attention.

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