Function not registered

Since my last update of FDK and migration manifest to 2.2 i am having this kind of errors in my plugin

i have this call

    this.client.request.invoke('getTargetUser', args).then(
        function(data) {
          this.targetUser = data.response
        function(error) {
          this.loading = false
          this.showNotif('danger', error.message)
          throw new Error(error.message)

SMIFunctionNotFoundError: Requested function ‘getTargetUser’ not found or registered

Hi @msenhaji,

Can you confirm if you have registered the SMI function in the app manifest - Reference - How to migrate to platform version 2.2 - Wiki - Freshworks Developer Community


Thanks for your answer

I tried but this is what i got

[ERROR] Function getTargetUser is not defined for product freshsales

Do you have a specification up to date on the manifest and the parameters ? what is timeout ?

Do i have to register one SMI per product ?


We did try to register in the manifest like this

“functions”: {
“functionName”: {
“timeout”: 10
but it didnt work

Hi @msenhaji,

Documentations will be updated anytime soon. will update this thread once it’s released. For now, we can refer to the wiki article.

And also regarding the issue, you are facing, can you share the complete manifest?

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Thanks @Raghu_Murugesan we have finally found how to fix the server.js and the manifest accordingly.

But indeed having a clear documentation will avoid some frustrations :slight_smile:

We have now updated the documentation @msenhaji :slight_smile:

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