(fw-data-table) gets disabled in the settings page

Hi Team,

Am getting a list of options with corresponding business hours for three separate queues in Fresh Caller and displaying them with (fw-data-table) in the settings page.

Once the app is installed , when I try to update the settings page, the (fw-data-table) gets disabled but the input fields and the add button is working fine, only I can’t access the edit and delete option.

This happens when I try to navigate to settings from log, even though directly entering the settings , once the page is refreshed and navigate directly to settings its working fine.

Moreover I have not disabled the table any where in the iparams.html.

Default screenshot with working table

Disabled screenshot with disabled table

@kaushalc @Kishore_Kumar can you please help with this query by Anish. Thanks!

Hi @Tanmay_Kapoor, Is there any update regarding this topic??

Hi Anish, thanks for reporting this issue. We are working on a fix. Will update this thread once the fix is live.

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