Fw-icon title name with "icon"


I am trying to change the title of the fw-icon tag to remove the icon from the hover title.

How can I remove this icon from the title?



Hey @Furqan_Mehboob,

It is the default tooltip format. It was not configurable. There’s a pull request yet to be merged that enables to customize the tooltip.

Our team will release it soon and it will be available in the next release. Watch out for the release after merging the PR.

It can then be customized with title HTML attribute for the desired tooltip. For example, <fw-icon name="edit" title="edit"></fw-icon>.


Hi @Raviraj

Thanks for your helpful comment.


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@Furqan_Mehboob The change has gone live. The default titles on the Crayons components have been removed as it is non-standard. You can anyway set the title in the same way as all the Crayons components are HTML elements at the end of the day. But, the default titles are gone.

Check this post for more information.