FwForm date field is not getting prefilled with initial values/ default values

Hi Team,

I am using FwForm Form (fw-form) | Crayons

with this form I am using a DATE field, I am not able to prefill the field value, my code is
id: “started_at”,
name: “started_at”,
label: “Started At”,
type: “DATE”,
position: 3,
placeholder: “Enter Started At”,
choices: ,

Kindly suggest to me the solution to achieve this.

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Hi Team,

Are there any updates on this?

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Hi @Gopi ,

Thanks for your patience and apologies for the delayed response.

Based on information provided I understand you are creating dynamic form using crayons and want to pre-fill the date information. The form data JSON expects value instead of placeholder for pre-filling data in below format

	  id: 'f319f86f-1b6a-49cb-b4b6-cf487be94595',
	  name: 'date_of_birth',
	  label: 'Date Of Birth',
	  type: 'DATE',
	  position: 11,
	  required: true,
	  Value: '03/01/2030',
	  hint: 'Please enter your date of birth',
	  choices: [],

Kindly remove placeholder and set only value to reflect the changes.


Hi @Thakur_Ganeshsingh

Thanks for the solution