Fwform dropdown is not working properly

Hi team,

I am using fwform dropdown, it is working fine in some devices and not working fine in some devices, please refer to the attached screenshot.


I experience the same issue. It seems that it appeared recently with some Crayons library updates. I hope it will be fixed soon.

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Same for me! Dropdown looks and works well in Firefox, but in Chrome it is broken!

P.S. the version of “@freshworks/crayons” npm package we use is 4.1.0 and was the same for months now. So it started to break on the same package version, which is weird

Hi Guys,

You can update the crayons version to @freshworks/crayons@4.2.0-beta.19, This is working fine.

Thanks for the suggestion, will try that!
Any idea why the stable version crashed?

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