FwSelect not showing the placeholder text in react JS

Hi Team,

I am using this fw-form in my react js project. How can I use a date picker with the time picker option in this form?

I have tried like this but in values, I am getting only the date not getting the time.
{id: datetime
name: datetime,
label: Date and Time,
type: “DATE”,
showTimePicker: true,
required: true,
placeholder: Select Date and Time,
choices: ,}

Kindly suggest a solution for this.

Hi Gopi,

Please set type to DATE_TIME

Hi @arvindan.ta ,

I have tried to set the type as “DATE_TIME” but it is not working, the field itself is not displaying.

Kindly let me know the solution for this.

Hi Gopi
Please check if you are using latest version of crayons.

type: 'DATE_TIME',

PFA the screenshot the date time picker showing up with the DATE_TIME type.

Hi @arvindan.ta

Thanks for the response it is working now after updating the crayons version in react app.

Hi @arvindan.ta

I am also having another query.

Can we use dependent dropdowns in this dynamic form.

Kindly share the solution for this.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Gopi,

Dependent dropdowns is in our roadmap . We don’t have it at present.


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