General Availability (GA) release of Entity Storage - Custom Objects for Freshservice

We are pleased to announce the GA of the dev platform’s Entity storage feature, for Freshservice. App developers can now leverage the entity storage capability and build apps (Freshworks apps and Custom apps) that use entity storage. This is the second major milestone for the general availability of Entity storage - entity storage, since the feature reached GA for Freshdesk apps in December 2021.

This feature is available with FDK v8.2.0, also released today. Developers who want to build Freshservice apps that use entity storage, please ensure to update FDK to v8.2.0+.

For usage details, see the documentation at Entity Storage - Custom Objects for Freshservice . For a sample implementation, check out our sample app.

Access live session recording: Deep-dive into Entity Storage


Hi @kaustavdm! Could please confirm in which plans this is available for freshservice.

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Hi Samuel,
The feature is available for Forest and Enterprise plans.


Hi @samuelpares, we have a deep-dive session on Entity Storage coming up on the 26th of May. Make sure to register: Community Hours 26th May 2022: Deep-dive into Entity Storage - Announcements - Freshworks Developer Community


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